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What is the difference between Nokia E71 and Nokia E63?

Q. They seem to be the same thing...E63 is cheaper so i want to know the difference between this two and make a good choise.

A. this is a full compare between E71 and E63, I also add the E72 for you:

as you see, the E72 is the best, then comes the E71

Good luck

Is it a good idea to buy a Nokia E71 phone now considering it's been around since 2008?
Q. Been wanting to buy a new phone but I'm on a budget and based on my research, the E71's a pretty good phone especially in terms of messaging and browsing. But will it's system be around for another few years at least?

A. It is still good. It's system will not expire or anything. It is true that the touchscreen phones will command the sales on the years to come, but Symbian 60 phones will need more that just years before they retire. Have you seen the E5? It is a new phone of Nokia, but spec wise, it's features are just like the E71's.

How do I transfer mobile contacts from nokia e71 to an iphone 4S?
Q. Please give me the easiest method possible since i'm not very good with technology!

A. Usually when you put your simcard in the phone you can transfer them, the problem is Iphones have smaller sim cards dont they? so your options are to go them yourself one by one, or going to the shop you bought it and asking them

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