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How does my Dad get ebay on nokia n96?

Q. My dad is trying to get ebay on his nokia phone n96. Please answer with a link or tutorial!


A. The n96 has WiFi as well as Internet access through his cellphone provider. eBay has a program for the phone:


Mike Honeycutt

Why is the sound unclear on my Nokia N96?
Q. I've had my Nokia N96 for over a year, and it's been dropped once or twice but nothing major. However, out of the sudden, the sound from the speaker has become distorted. Is this covered in the manufacturers warranty? And how would I fix this problem?

A. You'll probably have to send the phone to a service center where they can replace the speaker. Most likely the cone that displaces to make sound is torn or broken lose.

How do i disable the camera sound on Nokia N96?
Q. I have a Nokia N96. I take pictures of people doing stupid stuff without them knowing. When i bought the N96 it doesn't allow me to switch of the shutter sound. How can you do it with out hacking the phone or anything?


A. Ok. Follow these steps.

Go to Tools > Profiles > Whatever Profile You Want > Personalise > Warning Tones "Off".

Holding down the # button will also put your phone in the Silent Mode profile which already has warning tones disabled.

Simple as that. All warning tones will be disabled including the Nokia sound that happens at startup every time you restart your phone.

If that didn't work then your phone's regional firmware probably doesn't allow silencing or disabling the camera sound

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