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How to change java application access to always allowed on Nokia phones?

Q. I am using Nokia 6300 Mobile. I installed applications like Mobyexplorer, kd player etc. All these applications require read/write access to user memory so, they prompt each time for memory access and some times they don't work properly. Itried to change access permissions from option but "Always allowed" and "Ask first time only" option is disabled( grayed) in all application for data access.
how to enable them?

A. This is not possible because they are not Java verified, so they will work only that way.

What are the countries that manufacture original Nokia phones?
Q. If i bought a phone and checked on the battery to see if it's original or fake, what country should be written so that it is original?

A. Japan

Simba rules

On Nokia phones, what is the difference between the silent, meeting and flight profiles?
Q. Also, what's the difference between the General profile and "outdoor"?

A. They are just different profiles you can set your phone to.

The default settings are usually this:

Silent- no sound whatsoever.
Meeting: Usually the phone will vibrate for text messages/ calls
Flight: The phone will usually power off when service is not available
General: This is your loud profile; your ringtone should play for texts and calls.
Outdoor: This is your louder profile, this should be where your volume is set to the loudest.

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