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Can the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition be used as a phone?

Q. Minus the Skype.
Can you actually make/receive calls as you would with a normal cell phone? And send/get text messages?

A. it's important to remember that the N810 isn't a phone - it connects to the Internet using either WiFi or a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

Does the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet have a one time fee only?
Q. Does the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet have a one-time charge only? Or do I have to pay monthly fees like a phone? Thanks!

A. There are no monthly fees with the N810. It uses wifi (wireless internet) to browse the internet.

You can either use it at home (if you have wifi) or at places that offer free wifi.

What are some safe and cheap websites so can I buy a Nokia n810 Internet Tablet?
Q. I want to buy a n810 nokia internet tablet around the 200-250 dollar price range, but are there any safe/reliable sites that sell them for cheap??

A. Here's a link you can use...


I don't think you need to worry about getting scammed from this seller, because he has pretty good feedback.

Hope that helped.

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