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How do I add minuets to the nokia e71 straight talk phone?

Q. My airtime has expired and I have a new service card but dont know how to add the airtime to my phone

A. You have to reactivate your phone on Straight if your phone service has expired. You will be issued a new phone number.

What is the video send limit on the Nokia E71 for straight talk?
Q. I go on business trips in different states from my family and I like to send them videos of the sightings and wonders of different major cities. I have a samsung T401g with straight talk and plan on upgrading to the nokia E71. What is the longest video I can send them from the E71 if I was to purchase it? The T401 can only send thirty seconds. And also does it have the same video chat as iPhone 4?

A. I actually looked the same question yesterday. in attempting to find the answer I ended up getting a free iphone 4g from!!! the phone is coming any days now and I'm loving it!!!

Good luck

How to delete all contacts on my nokia e71?
Q. I was given my brothers old E71, and I need to delete all the contacts in one go.
I can only see how to delete individually.

A. Try opening your contacts, and then choose "mark all".

After doing so, choose "delete". That should clear every contact.

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