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Nokia N96, How do you save your contacts to a memory card?

Q. I have just got a Nokia N96 and am trying to save my contacts to my memory card, how do you do it? thanks in advance.

A. contacts>mark all>to memory card
It z so benificial as it will keep bkup of ur contacts

Can a Nokia n96 do the samething like a laptop computer when connected to the wi fi?
Q. I mean when u connect to a wireless internet can you download music, check your websites, watch youtube videos etc

A. Yes, you can do all of that. But remember, an N96 or any cellphone for that matter has a very small screen, so you have to get used to browsing the internet on the very small screen. Also, some website like Yahoo! have a different webpage for mobile phones.

How does my Dad get ebay on nokia n96?
Q. My dad is trying to get ebay on his nokia phone n96. Please answer with a link or tutorial!


A. The n96 has WiFi as well as Internet access through his cellphone provider. eBay has a program for the phone:


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