Senin, 29 Juli 2013

How can I recover my contacts list from a Nokia N95 with a broken display?

Q. I am the owner of a Nokia N95. The phone is 5 years old ad it's pretty beat, but it worked fine until now. A couple days ago the display just died, and now I have to recover over 300 contacts from it. Can anyone help with that?

Thanks in advance.

A. You can do two things here:

(i) Connect your cell to the comp using Nokia PC Suite and copy all the contacts it shows.

(ii) If your contacts are on your SIM card, just use a SIM reader (it's a device u'll have 2 buy if u didn't know)

P.S. Incase you dont know the order of options your phone displays once you connect it to the PC and dont know where PC suite option is, just connect you phone, open PC suite and search for connected phones using it.

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